Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Poll Results: It's Hard to Talk About ......... in Psychotherapy

From our sidebar poll:
72 (31%)
Professional Fees/Payment
59 (25%)
The therapeutic relationship
90 (39%)
8 (3%)

Votes : 229

My vote went towards Professional Fees, in case you wanted to know. When people don't pay, it's still stressful, and I still feel awkward about asking to be paid. For a lot of people there's a discomfort about psychotherapy of "I have to pay someone to listen to me." If I have to ask to be paid....well.... it's a reminder that I'm here for reasons besides my total devotion to patient care (--I got bills, too)...and if I have to ask to be paid repeatedly, well, it can make everything feel pretty uncomfortable.

Okay, sometimes it's hard to talk about the therapeutic relationship. But as the shrink, it's never hard to talk about sex or meds.

Feel free to chime in....