Wednesday, January 02, 2008

My Wish List For 2008

Dinah is off to a warm sunny place this week, leaving Roy and I to care for the blog.

Uh oh.

Much as we (I) like to tease Dinah about talking too much, the fact of the matter is that it's nice to know she's here taking care of the blog when real life intrudes on my blogging capacity, which lately has been pretty often. So in her absence I thought I'd put together a list of things I would like for 2008:

I'd like a never-ending list of topics to blog about that really catch my interest.

I'd like Dinah to have good-hair days, every day, all year round.

I'd like Roy to keep getting the latest and coolest Mac gadgets so I can enjoy his geekhood vicariously.

I'd like Dinah to have her own iPod. Really, she deserves one.

I'd like to have an organized and coherent podcast. I really believe this can be done and that we should do it, or try to do it, at least once.

I'd like a list of good non-crunchy food to eat during our podcast tapings.

I'd like pet-sized mikes for Monkey and Max so they don't feel left out during our podcasts.

I'd like Blogger to start showing our little icon pictures again when we comment. I miss seeing my little guinea pig behind bars.

I wish my patients would behave every day, all day, for a full year. (Hey, I can dream can't I?)

I wish someone would give me an office. Or maybe just a telephone. (I did get the heat turned on a few weeks ago---I'm making progress.)

I wish someone would explain to me how "pregnant pigs" came to be one of our post labels.

I wish all our listeners and readers would continue to find My Three Shrinks a comfortable place to learn, ramble and rant. It certainly has been for me.

Finally, I wish the best of all good things to both of my co-bloggers. I've had a wonderful time with both of you.