Sunday, January 27, 2008

My Three Shrinks Podcast 41: Chris Kraft on Conversion Therapy

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You all may remember Dr. Chris Kraft from podcast #21 speaking about gender identity problems. He's back here today as a guest talking about some other sexuality issues, particularly the controversial notion of conversion therapy -- converting from homosexuality to heterosexuality.

January 27, 2008: #41

Topics include:
  • Top 10 Podcasts of 2007. Chris' first guest podcast, Chris Kraft on Gender Identity Issues (#21), was the 6th most downloaded podcast for 2007 (out of over 100,000 downloads for all podcasts for the year).

  • Conversion Therapy. Chris Kraft, Ph.D., talks with us for most of the podcast about the idea of using the therapy process to convert someone from being gay to being straight. References to Richard von Krafft-Ebbing (coined the term "homosexuality"), One Nation Under God, Exodus International, and Monday at the Charm (Dinah's book).

  • "Go to iTunes and Write a Review". Reviewer #21, St. Louis Doc, wrote on iTunes, "I am a psychiatrist and very much enjoy [the podcast]. ... About professional isolation: I've heard (and experienced) that psychiatrists/therapists are especially susceptible to becoming isolated and insulated in their own world. Because of confidentiality and because we don't tend to work in groups when we are doing therapy... So, your podcast, along with being educational and entertaining, is one partial antidote to this isolation. Through your podcasts, we psychiatrists can hear how other psychiatrists think in a way that is not censored or biased by the psychopharm industry. Please keep up the good work." St. Louis Doc, thank you for the kind words. I hadn't thought of this issue when it comes to podcasts, but isolation is indeed an occupational hazard.

  • Savage Love. Chris plugs Dan Savage's column and podcast on sexuality.

  • How Drugs Get Their Name. Roy talks about his recent post on the secret cabal of 5 people who grant all the generic names for new drugs.

  • Well: Tara Parker-Pope on Health. Dinah plugs this excellent column on health issues (while fantasizing that Tara gets her material from us).

The background music is from the mash-up I made for podcast #24, Dr. Phil on Skype.

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