Monday, January 21, 2008

Everybody Doesn't Need Psychotherapy

There, I said it. And primary care docs do just fine at treating many cases of depression. Everybody doesn't need a psychiatrist. There, I said that, too.

So, with my years of experience with my psychotherapy practice, here is my bullet-point formula for who needs psychotherapy:

  • Oops, I don't have one.
I have no idea. Some people find that psychotherapy is essential to dealing with mental illness. Some people find it helps them sort out their maladaptive behavioral patterns and enables them to stop doing the same things over and over. Some people...oh I could go on and on. I touched on this in my post You're Supposed To Get Better, back in July, when I did go on and on (so what else is new?). The bottom line: there are people who come willing and readily to therapy, they talk openly about their problems, they do the work of therapy, and they don't get better, they don't change, but if they get comfort from it and it helps sustain them through their suffering, that's good. Only some people don't even find therapy comforting. Other people resist coming, "My primary care doc's been telling me to call you for two years now." They come in begrudgingly and filled with skepticism, talk about their problems, often for not all that long (a few weeks, a few months, maybe less) and they get a lot out of it. "I wish I'd come sooner."
Some people come, don't say much of anything, but still get better, feel comforted, or find that it's helped them to change.

My next post will be When To Refer. Maybe later? It's a holiday, so we'll see.

And finally, the Shrink Rappers met yesterday to do a couple of podcasts. They were both themed, though apparently Roy plans to post the second one first, so we had the pleasure of talking about the "last podcast" before it was done. So, if I have this right, Dr. Chris Kraft joined us for the "first" show and we talked about the Sexual Re-Orientation treatments. If ClinkShrink is our walking encyclopedia of Prison History, well Chris knows an awful lot about the history of Sex! The 'second' podcast is a discussion about the appropriate and inappropriate uses of Benzodiazepines. Essentially, the show consists of the three of us Screaming at each other. So I promised a series of posts on benzos, perhaps I do short ones as a prelude to the My Three Shrinks bloodiest podcast ever.

The best part was going out for Indian food after. I am the type of person who always enjoys eating a good meal with friends.