Monday, December 31, 2007

Top 25 Shrink Rap Posts for 2007

Happy New Year!!

Last year at this time, we gave you a Top 25 Posts of 2006 list, so we give you this year's countdown list now. (Yes, I will also do a Roy's Favorite Search Phrases of 2007, like I did last year.)

Last year, our main blog page had 27,809 page views, with 9991 "absolute unique visitors" (we started in April 2006, so last year was not a full year). In 2007, the main page had 70,166 views (173,444 page views for the entire site) and 67,867 absolute unique visitors. Thank you for your interest in Shrink Rap!

Last year our #1 post was Stopping the Scourge of P.E. (my post, as DrivingMissMolly pointed out). This year it is again one of mine, so I am challenging my co-bloggers to out-post me in 2008 (if you

Blog Post
25579The Well-Worried Well
24583Who Wants to be a Psychiatrist?
23586Roy's Top 10 Search Phrases of 2006
22586Personality Disorder?: Chloe O'Brian from "24"
21598The Co$t of Being Depressed
20619Transference To The Blog [a 2006 post]
19673Depakote & Ammonia
18689How This Shrink Picks A Sleep Medication
17694My Three Shrinks Podcast 1
16696Walk Like A Psychiatrist
15713FDA Drugs: February 2007
14725Put Down the Duckie: A Psychotherapeutic Study
13733What To Get Your Psychiatrist For Christmas, Hanukkah, or Kwanzaa
12733FDA Drugs: November 2006
11736True Confessions [a 2006 post]
10951What's Your Favorite SSRI?
9968Sex With Fish [a 2006 post]
81179How A Shrink Picks An Anti-Depressant
71184SSRI Antidepressants & Violence
61377What People Talk About In Therapy [a 2006 post]
51451Ritalin or Abilify for I.V. Amphetamine Dependence
41901Roy: Psych Notes for Smilies [a 2006 post]
32303Why I Still Prescribe Seroquel
22391Grand Rounds at Shrink Rap!
15987Why Docs Don't Like Xanax (some of us)