Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Previews of Coming Events

Don't forget to listen to the latest Podcast, #37, out of order with the old equipment, sort of like a check that got cashed late! Roy will be posting the newest one soon. Our podcast schedule can be found at My Three Shrinks or by clicking on the three feet logo on the sidebar.

I will soon be posting the results of our Anti-Psychotics poll, if you haven't voted, please do. You can have a favorite even if you don't prescribe or take them. We're not picky. Seroquel remains in first place.

ClinkShrink tells me has some posts ready to go. I'm waiting patiently.

I've got a post brewing in my head about how a patient's expectations effect treatment before they even walk in the door-- this idea with thanks to Roy.

And I think Rach asked about how it effects a psychiatrist if they have their own mental illness. A while back, I wrote a post that sort of addressed this. See what you think.