Wednesday, December 05, 2007

I Just Want To Talk

It's snowing here in Baltimore, it's kind of lovely. Victor, friend of our blog, told one of his classmates to sit down, it's only snow, and the boy told him he'd never seen snow before, they don't have it in his country of origin.

It's not 3:30 AM, but even in the daylight, I'm still worrying about my kid-- nothing awful, he had an issue at school and we feel he's gotten a bum rap at a time in his life when having a bum rap is hard, trying to rescue him from the unjust, and Roy is quick to tell me that life is unfair and it's a good lesson to learn early. I suppose. ClinkShrink and Roy both have things going on in their lives, Roy's working hard, I keep hoping he'll do the things I want him to do, but he's a guy who gets pulled in a lot of directions and judging by the long hours he tells me he's working, his hospital could use a few good shrinks. The blog is suffering a little, I hope not a lot. I haven't been visiting my usual blog friends and I hope everyone is well. I do peek at the results on our anti-psychotic poll and Seroquel is winning by a lot. If you haven't voted, please do.

Okay, so Roy did some Leopard thing this weekend. Yeah Leopard. Someday I'll be a Mac person, too. I'd kind of like an iTouch, but will I be able to get the information from my Palm Pilot over to it?? This story is for Roy: the psychiatrist across the hall from me also did tht iMac Leopard thing last week. Before he did, he backed stuff up, but still lost everything in his organizer-- he had to call 50 patients and ask them when their appointments were. Oh, and he did it twice.

With that thought, the judge in hair curlers sent me so cartoons that made me smile. I can share them with you?And finally, we three shrink rappers have been talking about distilling some stuff from the blog into a book. I suppose it would be for a different audience, one less likely to visit a blog, but perhaps a glimpse into How Shrinks Think? What do you think?