Friday, December 21, 2007

Christmas Prize

Okay, you know that Max and I have coffee every morning with our favorite judge in hair curlers. I may have neglected to mention that we are often joined by Carol and her dog, Prize, and sometimes even Maria and her dog, Nelly. From 8 to 8:30 am, I host a dog party, a big dog party, a little dog party, good dogs, bad dogs, happy dogs, sad dogs.

This morning, in honor of the holiday season, Prize arrived all decked out. I kid you not. Max would never tolerate such a costume, but Prize didn't mind and Carol came bearing gifts, so all the more fun.

I'm not sure Shrink Rap or My Three Shrinks will look like over the next few days. Hoping to be off somewhere warm sometime soon, and Clink has gone skiing. Roy, perhaps can be counted on to put up the last of our podcasts (not the last ever, just the last one we did), a new & improved one with the new mics and firewire mixer.

I feel like we need a new sidebar poll, and I'm tired of meds, so I'll try something else. The question is for you, whether you're a shrink, a patient, or anyone else.

From all of the Shrink Rappers:
Happy Holidays!