Monday, October 29, 2007

Thanks to the Sports Psychologist

Note to Rach: it's now 24 hours since the game began. And you're officially hearing from Dinah.

I walked into work this morning and one of the therapists I work with at the clinic congratulated me. I was clueless. What? He wouldn't say. Finally, "The Red Sox." Oh yeah, them. I'm a bit sleep deprived, I have a banner hanging on my house, I've carved a pumpkin. Still, it's not the excitement that 2004 was (I'm sorry, remember I'm really a sports fan by proxy, I like the idea, I haven't gotten all thrill of a Real fan) back in the day of the Curse of The Bambino. And also, we've got the angst of a teenager trying to meet a November 1st deadline for some college applications, so I'm a little distracted. Still, I heard from friends in Boston, the boys in my house are a bit brighter, my daughter spent her day discussing Mike Lowell, and The RED SOX won the World Series!

So I went to check Curt Schillings's Blog, 38 Pitches. Mr. Schilling, minus the bloody sock, is feeling very thankful today. Since this is a mental health blog, I thought I'd skip where he thanks God, his wife, coaches, friends, neighbors, coaches, etc, and skip right to his gratitude to the team psychologist:

Don Kalkstein. Sports Psychologist. Hmm, is there a team or market more in need of someone like that than this one? Given the length of our season, the grind of the schedule, the market we play in and the other things that come with playing in a ‘win it all, always’ environment there is no doubt a need for someone not coaching, to chat with. DK is the goods. His dedication to the Dallas Mavericks is his only real vice (though it’s a necessity since he works for them I guess, but my Suns are still better!). DK is, after all is said and done, someone I would call a friend before anything else. He’s one of those rare people that makes you drop any and all pretenses about 8 seconds after you meet him and chat, about anything. He’s also Tito’s Fantasy Football bench coach and an incredibly horrid NFL talent evaluator……

So what does a sports psychologist do and can I have this job?