Sunday, October 14, 2007

Sunday Brain Soup

I looked through Google News today to see what is happening in the world of "brains." Here's some of what I found . . .

* * *

A study came out recently in the journal Emotion reportedly showing that people identify fearful faces much more quickly than other faces. Makes sense. Apparently, the wide-eyed stare has a lot to do with it.
'The team found people became aware of fearful expressions much faster than neutral or happy faces. "We were seeing it pretty much universally," [David] Zald said.
He thinks it has something to do with the eyes.

"If you compare the amounts of the whites showing with a fearful face versus a neutral face, the difference is really quite striking," he said.'
So it's the whites of the eyes that do it. That explains the popularity of the runaway bride story a few years ago.

* * *

Of course, women are probably even quicker at this than men, because, as everyone knows, women have a much bigger crockus than men. What? You don't know your crockus from a hole in the ground? Maybe you missed that class. Or maybe you are just feeling empty-headed today (then maybe this belongs to you).

* * *

"First Successful Treatment For Chronic Traumatic Brain Injury In Rats"
This is great. We can't get funding to help find better treatments for people with traumatic brain injuries, but we now have a good treatment for rats who have had too many encounters with a broom handle.
* * *

Tech.Blorge is reporting that it is now possible to directly control your Second Life avatar with a brain-computer interface.
"Sometimes you look at a friend and could swear they're directly connected to the computer. New technology could soon make that the case. Professor Ushiba of Keio University has unveiled a brain-computer interface (BCI) that allows users steer characters with their thoughts, reports pinktentacle."
* * *

Finally, from Thailand's The King & I: "The reign in Chiang falls mainly in the brain."