Thursday, October 18, 2007

My Three Shrinks LIVE on Blog Talk Radio Tonight at 10pm ET

[38] . . . [39] . . . [40] . . . [All]

Doctor Anonymous started an internet talk radio show last month on Blog Talk Radio. I have listened in, and he runs a great show with terrific guests. Tonight, however, I'll be on the show... but perhaps you will tune in anyway, just to see how it goes. (Listen to the Dr. A podcast we did Sep 2 on Depression Overdiagnosis.)

Actually, I've been pestering Clinkshrink (who is currently in a warm southern state eating chocolate-covered lobster) and Dinah to join in, so maybe we'll be surprised and have all of us on. [They did call in (Dinah in the last few minutes).]

The show allows live calls (from like a real phone... no computer needed). Click here or the Blog Talk Radio logo above to tune in. 10pm ET Thursday, Oct 18, 2007. I'll see if he'll let me put it on a podcast, too.

The show was can listen to it on the site, or even download it to your computer or MP3 player. DrVal and ladyk47 and others were there.