Thursday, September 27, 2007

My Three Shrinks Podcast 34: Guest Mark Komrad, MD

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This week we have a special guest, Dr. Mark Komrad, who is an old hat at discussing psychiatric issues on broadcast media. Mark had a live, two-hour, coast-to-coast, nationally syndicated talk radio show for about 5 years. He also had a regular gig on Channel 2 with Rudy Miller, and continues to be a regular guest on NPR. Mark is the Ask-a-Doctor on the NAMI site, and also has a book coming out. Mark was a guest blogger in July, when he posted on Ethics and Continuing Education for the Psychiatrist. (And Monkey the parakeet joins in.)

September 26, 2007: #34 Guest Mark Komrad, MD

Topics include:
  • Prison Tattoo Database. Clink informs us about Maryland's tattoo database.
    Dr. Komrad talks about's inclusion of tattoos in their matching database. We also talk a bit about the psychology of getting tattoos, in general.

  • Q&A: I am a second-year medical student in Canada who is considering psychiatry. I have a few questions that hopefully you haven't already addressed elsewhere.

    Firstly, do you get many negative responses from other medical professionals and the general public for being psychiatrists. If so, how do you deal with it?

    Secondly, can you discuss some of the differences you know of in practicing psychiatry in Canada versus the US?

  • Dr. Komrad discusses how he got into Psychiatry, and the images of Psychiatrists in the movies and in Hollywood. (Mentions Irving Goffman here.) Mark points out that only 3% of Americans have even been to a psychiatrist, and so most people learn about what Psychiatry is about from movies. Movies and shows discussed include The Sopranos, Dark Shadows, Beauty and the Beast, Prince of Tides... more on Podcast #35.

  • Check out NAMI's Ask-the-Doctor column that Mark writes, also his website at

  • [Edit] Correction: Somewhere on the podcast, Dinah discusses a movie she incorrectly refers to as Reign Over Me. She meant to say The Departed.

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