Saturday, September 01, 2007

Google Ads

On Sep 1, we started an experiment including a single Google ad block (usually 2 ads) on each page, primarily for the purpose of generating money to upgrade our podcasting equipment (which currently consists of three tin cans connected by string to my MacBook's USB port).

What we'd like to get is a mixing board and 4 quality condenser mics (~$500). Anyway, as of Sept 25 we've made $12.99 (wooo!). We've heard from one reader that an ad was served that went to an off-shore, drugs w/o a prescription site.

Google allows us to block ads from certain website, so if you find an an objectionable ad, please copy the url (right-click on the ad's link) and let us know the URL in a comment on this post. (Note, the url will look ugly, like
), but that's okay... just paste it in and we'll block it.)