Thursday, August 16, 2007

Grand Rounds, Campgrounds, & Breakdowns

Okay, folks, I'm back and refreshed and will put up the podcast we did a few weeks ago later on today (I thought about posting it while hanging out at the campsite, but -- and I hate to say it -- it felt too much like "work") .

BTW, two of the four campgrounds (as in tents, mind you, not hulking Winnebagos) we stayed at had Wi-Fi... not sure if this is good or bad.

Just wanted to be sure you noticed that this week's Grand Rounds is over at Med Journal Watch. Christian did a great job with it (apologies for not keeping the Grand Rounds link in our header current while I was away).

Also wanted to point you to a very thoughtful and useful post from Jayme over at Rayne's World, called How I Deal with Mental Breakdowns. Very well done (and check out her amazing drawings... hint: they are NOT black&white photos).