Wednesday, August 08, 2007

And The Winner Is........Roy!

One month ago today I posted the Who Reads Shrink Rap? poll on our sidebar. We know we get roughly 1500 unique visitors a week, but people aren't much for polls. We took guesses, we even set up a poll to see who folks wanted to win the guess about how many people would actually take our poll (say what?). I guessed we'd have 275 responses, ClinkShrink said 186, Roy said 246. With 251 responses, Roy is both the closest and he hasn't gone over. You Go, Roy!

So Who Reads Shrink Rap?
21 shrinks (really? I bet they don't vote)
40 other mental health professionals
10 non-shrink physicians
29 other health care professionals
4 of our friends (I thought we had more friends...)
84 patients
69 curious bystanders (whatever that means)
53 others.

Who are The Others? I feel like I'm on LOST.

Other Responses :

student psychologist
psych student
psych resident
consumer advocate
Medical Student
medical blogger
Podcast listener
medical student
person with schizophrenia
Confabulous Transsexual
do MT work for psych
neotenous ape
medical student
medical student
Ex-patient (a success!)
Family member of person with MI
Recommended read from FD
blog reader
medical student
Software developer looking for PhD proposal
clinical psychology student
Probation officer who writes presentence reports
Compulsive reader, sponge for all types of info.
medical student
iphone hype link
heavily medicated blogger
just got here thru a link in a news article about iphone crazy
democratic network engineer
frustrated late-teenager
clinical social work student
college student
CASAC Student
Medical Student (starting in August)
science writer
blogger/psychology grad student
medical librarian
I am in nursing school, and I am also in psychotherapy
nursing student
medical student
medical student
don't know her
lesbian housewife
I am co-blogger and am patient with Dinah.
Umm, I'm one of the 3 bloggers.
Other Mental Health Provider Student

So there you have it. Thank you for voting and have a good day. Roy is away, we'll have to think about his prize?