Thursday, July 05, 2007

It's Fun! It's Easy! It's Free!

Each week, for what it's worth, I'm emailed a 16-Google Analytic report. I never asked for it and something tells me this was a Roy inspired thing. I kind of like it, though, and I've taken to actually reading through it. There are two states from which we have no readers at all: New Mexico and Wyoming. Most weeks, we seem to have roughly 2,000 unique visitors and over 4,000 page views. I'm not sure they're not all me checking the blog from assorted computers, but hey.

So who are you? Who reads Shrink Rap?

Please, take our poll on the side bar! It's fun, really. We did it once before, but so many people didn't know who they were, or wanted to be more than one thing, and our most popular answer was "Other." Now, you can be it all, check off as many categories as describe you. Write in the Other box. So far we have 6 Others. Who are they? Here goes:

medical student
don't know her
lesbian housewife
I am co-blogger and am patient with Dinah.
Umm, I'm one of the 3 bloggers.
Other Mental Health Provider Student

So one third of the other respondents are my two co-bloggers. I assume Roy is the one who thinks he's patient with me, even though I've stopped putting Links in red after he complained it was too jarring. Even after I neither struck him nor screamed at him when he deceived me into believing Dr. Phil was on the phone during our podcast. I've let him repeatedly photograph my feet. Who's being patient with whom? Maybe that can be our next poll. And by the way, co-blooger friends, you could have checked off both "psychiatrist" and "friend of the bloggers" and been described.

So get out and vote! Tell us who you are. It's free, it's easy, it's anonymous-- you can vote without signing in, without registering, without committing to months of vitamins. You can do it if you've gotten here by accident, if you never ever plan to visit again. Your mother can vote. Your uncle can vote. Your psychiatrist can vote. Just go to the top of our sidebar and click!

Seriously, though, knowing who our audience is helps us target our posts. And, as always, we love getting comments and questions. And ClinkShrink does talk too much.