Tuesday, July 03, 2007

I Don't Talk Too Much

OK, for the record, DINAH TALKS MORE THAN I DO. Really. Ask her husband. Ask the kids. Ask the judge. Ask Max. Heck, Max talks more than I do. (But at least I don't back up to total strangers and expect to get my butt scratched. Max, you are a strange dog.) I happen to know that a lot of listeners have trouble telling our voices apart. Here's a rule of thumb: if you hear talking, it's Dinah.

Here are some cues that may be helpful:

Dinah is talking if you hear references to:

  • complaints about insurance (I don't take insurance)
  • discussions of television plots or episodes
  • prescribing Seroquel for hairy tongues
  • the Boston Red Sox
  • lost cell phones
Clink is talking if you hear:
  • a Canadian-like accent, eh?
  • a bad pun or two (or good puns, depending on how you look at it)
  • any references to obscure/boring legal cases, infamous crimes, human sacrifice or cannibalism. Well OK, anything really really weird.
  • geek humor, hex codes, computers, programming or Apple computers (now is the time for Zoe Brain to leap to my defense. We lady geeks need to stick together.)

OK, that being said on podcast #28 you will hear me talking the most. Finally. That's because all my three topics coincidentally got put off taping until the second one (we do two at once). Here's hoping this will help with any confusion.