Friday, June 08, 2007

My Three Shrinks Podcast 23: Loons, Lefse, and the Flea

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Just in case you need something to read while you listen: Chapter 8 is up on Double Billing.
Welcome back. Sorry for the delay in getting this out. I will be getting #24 out this Sunday, June 10. Be sure to check out this upcoming podcast as we will have a special guest joining us -- Dr. Phil.

June 3, 2007: #23 Loons, Lefse, and the Flea

Topics include:
  • Doctor Anonymous to be guest on June 17 podcast.
  • Clink brings back notepads with loons on them and cinnamon lefse from the midwest.
  • Flea's medical blog affects his malpractice trial. This is a fascinating story, which is well-summarized and explained on Eric Turkewitz's legal blog. We're waiting for Flea's book to come out.
  • Dinah talks about transference. Also see prior post on Transference to the Blog.
  • Rules for Bloggers. In response to Flea's troubles, ClinicalCases suggests Five Rules for Blogging:

    1-Write as if your boss and your patients are reading your blog every day
    2-Comply with HIPAA
    3-Do not blog anonymously. List your name and contact information
    4-If your blog is work-related, it is probably better to let your employer know
    5-Use a disclaimer

  • We mention a survey of medical bloggers that was done last year. Anyone have a link?
  • Movie Review: Away From Her. Clink thought this movie about a woman with dementia was very good.
  • Oh, remember... check out next week's podcast, when Dr. Phil will be joining us for a brief interview.

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