Friday, June 01, 2007

Happy Birthday!

1 June Births
Dinah and
Young, Brigham (1801)
Griffith, Andy (1926)
Monroe, Marilyn (1926)
Boone, Pat (1934)
Freeman, Morgan (1937)
Auberjonois, René (1940)
Snow, Tony (1955)
Mulder, Karen (1968)
Klum, Heidi (1973)
Morissette, Alanis (1974)
Henin-Hardenne, Justine (1982)

Note from Dinah: The Clink poem featured below is sooooo sweet! Sadly, I've already eaten the cake pictured here and am hoping to find another. I'm a little worried that Roy is going to show up at my house with General Tso's chicken laced with Abilify.

Note from Roy: I had to join the party and add Alanis' video, Ironic. Oh, I asked Dr. Anonymous to join us for tomorrow's podcast... haven't heard back yet

The end of Chapter 7 is up on Double Billing. For those of you waiting for accidental sex, what better time than a birthday?

[the rest is posted by ClinkShrink]

You make me laugh
You make me think
You let me rant
You call me Clink

You kick my butt
When I obsess
When I need clothes
You help me dress

I tease you lots
You take it well
For this someday
I'll go to hell

And if this blog
Should ever end
I'll still be glad
That you're my friend

Happy Birthday Dinah