Saturday, May 05, 2007

How To Make Crime Pay

When I'm doing my clinic I sometimes overhear conversations that give me an "inside scoop" about life on the streets and other issues. I found out that our last mayor 'cleaned up the streets so you could hear a pin drop' but under the new administration 'things are going back to normal'. I also heard something this week about how to make crime pay.

An inmate was chatting with another inmate out in the hallway. He talked about how he got shot by "two unidentified black males" and ended up in the hospital. The police came to interview him but he refused to give up the names of the guys who shot him. He was later arrested and charged with various handgun-related offenses. He decided to apply for assistance through the state victim's compensation fund:

Inmate One: "It don't matter if you're locked up. You write to them and they send you a form. I got $5750."

Inmate Two: "What, you sue the police? I thought some guys shot you."

Inmate One: "They did. No, all you gotta show is that you were the victim and you got hurt. I got $5750."

Inmate Two: "So it doesn't matter that they got a witness saying that they saw you returning fire?"

Ya gotta love these guys. At least he'll have the money to pay his restitution and supervision fees.


I know I'm coming late to this party, but I just discovered Jonathan Coulton's song Your Brains. Given our recent Grand Rounds I thought it would be appropriate to share.