Sunday, March 04, 2007

My Three Shrinks 13: Lost It In Space

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So, we kinda have a space theme going today. This is consistent with my long-term wish to be a space-doctor (no wise-cracks, please). I figure those folks stuck on the eventual moon base (or on Mars!) could use a psychiatrist, don't you think? There's also a cameo appearance on this podcast of Dinah's daughter. Enjoy.

March 4, 2007:

Topics include:
  • How does NASA handle psychiatric emergencies in space? The recent 'astronaut goes wild' headlines get us talking about NASA's procedures for handling acute psychotic breaks and suicidal behavior in space. Also, go to page 847 of the above-linked document to see the list of medications which are kept on the ISS (International Space Station). Listen to the podcast to find out which antidepressant is the SSRI of choice for NASA.
  • Q&A: Sandra, a prolific, Canadian Barbie Doll (it's true, look at her picture) from Omni Brain and NeuroFuture sent in a multi-part question: "Do you agree that neurological factors may diminish legal responsibility (but not excuse it) in ways not currently considered by the legal system, i.e., that don't fall in line with the McNaughton insanity defence, and the legal system should change in accordance? In what ways, based on what you see in the population you treat? Also, in cases like compulsive sexual offenders, do you support chemical castration and similar means of crime prevention?" This is obviously a Clinkshrink question, but we have a spirited discussion about these areas.

Next week: Visitor survey; Top 25 crimes of the last century; What do psychiatrists do to prepare for the next session (thanks, DrivingMissMolly); NHS fiasco.
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Last week's musical snippet was from Suzanne Vega's 1987 release of Language from the album, Solitude Standing. (Also, you've gotta check out this Tom's Diner-inspired I Dream of Jeannie video.)

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