Tuesday, February 20, 2007

The Top 10 Things I Don't Like About Being A Shrink

I'm doing this alone-- my co-bloggers are welcome to post their own-- because finding and then nagging Roy is a full-time job. Still waiting for the carpenter to come put things back after we dragged him out to say why he loves his job.

I love my job, as mentioned below in Who Wants To Be A Psychiatrist. But every thing, every job, every relationship, every new or old endeavor, has it's down side, and so this is to present a more balanced side of what I generally think of as my blessed life.

The Top Ten Things I don't like about being a Shrink:

10. Filling out HCFA forms for Medicare over and over and never knowing why they're rejected.

9. Chronic benzodiazepines. The ones that fell down the sink. Why don't zoloft prescriptions ever run out early?

8. The heating unit in my office is awful. It's loud and the room is always too hot or too cold -- this has persisted after it was replaced with a new and improved unit.

7. Arguing with ClinkShrink about who deserves care and what an illness is.

6. No place to lock my belongings in the clinic where I work so I carry my purse everywhere.

5. Wondering if I'll live through eight psychotherapy sessions in a row when I've forgotten to schedule myself a lunch. Or worse, remembering to schedule a lunch, then only having one patient after that, and the patient right before lunch cancels, leaving me two hours of dead space before the last session.

4. Nonsensical paperwork in the clinic.

3. The work of seeing patients who don't talk spontaneously and look to me to guide the entire session, then answer any questions I can think of in single sentences. These can be long sessions.
2. The chaos of patients who simply don't show up or who repeatedly cancel at the last minute. Especially if the reason is that it's the only time they could get an appointment with their hairdresser.

And the Number One thing I don't like about being a psychiatrist.....

1. Talking about unpaid bills, which I have on ocassion let go much longer than I should.