Saturday, January 20, 2007

Pay In Advance To Retreat

While we're on the topic of the Worried Well, you might be interested in seeing what kind of inpatient care the worried well can get by paying $1700 per day out of pocket (that would be $34,000 up front for the first 20 days of inpatient diagnostic assessment):

Private rooms include a bath, television with cable access, bedside telephones and internet connection. (Do they have a turn-down service with chocolates on the pillows?) It is for the longterm (months) treatment of mood disorders, anxiety disorders and "disabling adjustment disorders". (Translation: if you're paying enough we won't stigmatize you by diagnosing you with a personality disorder.) In addition to standard treatment modalities they also use "Eastern movement and meditative practices" (I wonder how you give informed consent for treatment for an unproven therapy?).

Now, as long as it's not being paid for by my tax money or supported by my insurance premiums then I suppose I can't legitimately beef about this. But it's still mind-boggling.
[Edit: see also No Retreat, Still Stewing, and My Planned Nervous Breakdown for more on this. Also, listen to our podcast.]