Monday, January 29, 2007

Feline Felons Released to Home Detention

Anybody who knows me will know I can't resist a story like this. It combines cats and prisoners, two of my favorite topics. (If you could figure out a way to work chocolate in there we could have a trifecta.) Here's the story from CBS news:

Vermont Prison Paroles Cats

Apparently the women in this particular prison took to caring for the various strays that took up residence there. It's not clear what actually precipitated the decision to find free society homes for these cats, but they've gradually been giving them away (after appropriate spaying or neutering).

When I first read this story it reminded my of my long-ago post Paws For Reflection where I blogged about my favorite drug detection dogs. (Can you believe our blog was only two weeks old back then?) These cats don't have any institutional responsibilities other than to be loved and adored by the prisoners. Rough life. Don't they know prisoners aren't supposed to be, coddled...even if they do have fur?

My other thought was: "Gee, don't they know that 'cruelty to animals' is one of the diagnostic criteria for antisocial personality disorder?" And indeed, one poor animal did get his fur burned off by an inmate. (What are the chances that inmate was given a written infraction for that?)

And so they are off to home detention. I'll give them the traditional prison send-off:

"Be safe out there."