Saturday, December 09, 2006

There Will Be Time

posted by dinah
I tell people things about my life and they look at me kind of funny. It's that look that says, really loudly despite the fact that no noise pops out, "You do what?" or maybe more like, "You do What? Clink did it recently when I mentioned that I have coffee every morning with my friend the judge and her dog, Tex. She said, "Every day? How do you do that?" Just to be clear on this, I have coffee every morning with a friend (sometimes two), for twenty-five minutes, right before work, it's how I start my day, every day, for years now.

Oh, and I write fiction-- one more way to get funny looks. Now I take a grad school course in fiction techniques (doctors aren't suppose to do this). Did I mention I have a psychiatry blog? At that point, the noise gets louder, I'm told I have much too much free time. And should I bother with the fact that I exchange emails three times a day (yes, I mean three times a day, well sometimes more) with a high school friend I reconnected with after decades? And that we've done this every day for the last 18 months or so?

I used to feel a bit awkward about it. I've wondered why other people don't have more time (they're quick to point out to me that it's because I work part-time, what can I say?). For a while, my answer to "how do you have time?" was to get a bit defensive and say "I'm more efficient than you." (--amazing anyone even wants to be my friend, but hey...ask an obnoxious question and...).

I've given up, I concede, and now I just say, "I have the life everyone else wants."

It's not so bad.