Sunday, December 24, 2006

My Three Shrinks Podcast 3: Wii Three Bobo Dolls

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We were a week longer than we wanted to be to get this one out. We recorded this one on 12/18/06 at Dinah's studio (her kitchen), while she served us homemade cookies and hot chocolate with Kahlua.

I did a lot of homework about microphones and recording sound quality. The gold standard would be for us each to have our own mic, while simultaneously recording on three different channels. That way the volumes can be individually adjusted so we don't have such a difference in voice quality.

That would be going overboard. So I did find a USB mic that had good reviews for podcasting. It took some hunting, but I found it for $100 at a Guitar Center. Dinah thinks that *I* have gone overboard. Regardless, let us know how it sounds. On my to-do list is to put up a PayPal donation button on the podcast site, to cover bandwidth and microphone costs. (It won't go to Kahlua, I promise.)

Here are the show notes for this week's podcast. We hope you have a safe and happy holiday.

December 24, 2006: Wii Three Bobo Dolls

Topics include:

  • Roy's new USB microphone: the Snowball, made by Blue. Recommended.
  • Listener comments.
  • New York's Timothy's Law: since we recorded this, Governor Pataki signed the bill into law, which provides for parity insurance coverage for mental illnesses. We also discuss a newspaper editorial which links this issue to post-incarceration treatment of sexual predators. I believe the original requirement to include addictions was removed due to cost concerns raised by insurance companies. That makes no sense.
  • Clinkshrink provided a spontaneous discourse on the history of using hospitals to house and treat sexually violent offenders.
  • Reports of Nintendo Wii-related injuries, property damage, and aggression were discussed.
  • This led to some discussion about Bandura's classic 1960's studies on the effect of witnessed violence on actual violence, including his piece on children and Bobo dolls.
  • Which led to Dinah's Theory on video games and violence in youngsters.
  • And we wrapped it up with the website for posting Wii-related misbehavior at

This podcast is available on iTunes. You can also listen to or download the .mp3 or the MPEG-4 file from

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