Sunday, December 10, 2006

My Three Shrinks Podcast 2: Roots

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We'd like to thank our readers and listeners for your kind comments and suggestions about our first podcast. This one's a bit longer, at about 33 minutes. I think we'll get better about the time. About 20 minutes seems to be a good balance.

This is actually the second half of the original podcast, which went long so we sliced it into two podcasts. Don't expect to get a podcast every other day... if we do one every other week, I'll be pleasantly surprised (though I'm striving for every Sunday). Maybe we can be like Digg's Kevin Rose and Alex Albrecht and drink alcohol at the beginning of each podcast... that would be interesting.
Here are the show notes for the podcast:

December 10, 2006: Roots

Topics include:
  • Dr Anonymous is again not mentioned in this podcast (but we do thank him for the idea about the musical bumpers between topics)
  • Thorazine Immunity: Clink reviews a 1992 case in which a prisoner sued the on-call psychiatrist for involuntarily medicating him with chlorpromazine due to violent, self-injurious behavior... but without going through any hearing panels for forced meds [Federal Code: Civil action for deprivation of rights]
  • Dinah brings a duck to the "Shrink Rap Studio" (my kitchen table)
  • FDA hearing on December 13 about adding a black boxed warning on antidepressant labels about the possibility of increased suicidality in adults: Will this reduce access to these drugs, causing undertreatment of depression and actually INCREASE suicide rates? (Check here for background materials)
  • Recent PubMed articles and Corpus Callosum post about this whole antidepressants and suicide issue. Also, Dinah mentioned this, hot-off-the-press, Finnish article, showing an increase risk of attempts and a decreased risk of deaths.
  • Treatment of social phobia [PubMed]
  • Social phobia and alcohol [PubMed]
  • Paxil- and other SSRI-related withdrawal symptoms [PubMed]
  • Sexual dysfunction and SSRIs [PubMed]
  • Putting roots on someone
  • Psilocybin mushrooms for Monk's OCD
  • Maryland psychologists discuss adoptions in gay marriages
  • NYT: Gender dysphoric children

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