Thursday, December 14, 2006

Holiday Cards

So Fat Doctor posted about writing her holiday cards. I feel like she's my's the strangest thing, but I track this person's life. I know when her sister had bladder surgery, when she painted her toenails blue, and how did she lose 8 pounds in one week??? I wonder what state she lives in (not to mention how she works on the same medical unit as her mother). Son, husband, sister, big dog, little dog, it's like Reality Blogger.

Holiday Cards: growing up, my family never sent them. I grew up (I think) and started sending them, including pics after we had kids. I learned to paste in photos, and while I'm not much for newsy letters, I've moved from "our year in review in pictures" to a few travel photos and a sentence about each family member. Some years it's simply "the kids have too many activities to list." Mostly, I keep it short and sweet, and I don't mention the more troublesome aspects of life: there are always a few. If you know me, you hear them, if our relationship is sustained only by the yearly holiday card, I leave out the bad stuff. On the receiving end, we've gotten some really interesting ones. Last year was the first time we learned someone's ejection fraction from their holiday newsletter. One friend sent a month-by-month, 2 page, single-spaced account of every kiddy performance and academic conference.

Fat Doctor and I exchanged e-cards off blog (-- I think this is called "back door"). She has a name (only a first name)! I was shocked, I've wondered what state she lives in, how fat she really is, and my husband has wondered if she really exists, but it never occurred to me that she'd have any name but "Fat Doctor" or FD. It was like a bubble bursting, and while it's a nice name, it was a little bit disappointing, like seeing your favorite glamorous movie star without their makeup. The newsletter itself was full-form Fat Doctor, I loved it. Gorgeous, gorgeous little boy -- he's made brief appearances on the blog, so an old familiar face-- and much of the news I knew. Up there with writing about one's ejection fraction, Fat Doctor sends advance directives for both herself and Husband. He wants his life sustained as long as he can operate the TV remote. This reminds me of Roy, who once said he wanted to be kept alive as long as he could move a cursor by any means. I wonder if Roy puts that in his holiday notes? For the record, and this did not make my holiday card: If I am unable to consent, I am never to be put on a salt-free, diabetic diet. I mean that.

Are you asking, what's this got to do with Psychiatry?? We didn't get very many comments on our anti-depressants and suicide posts, timely stuff that it is; I figured I'd digress to pleasanter topics for a few moments. Maybe Roy will fill us in on the FDA hearings.

'Tis the season...