Friday, October 06, 2006

For ClinkShrink: A Dream Come True

[posted by dinah]

When I met ClinkShrink, in the last millennium, she was the proud owner of two lovely cats, Eli and Zac, may they rest in peace. And, yes, Eli--short for Elavil, and Zac--short for ProZac, were named because of their antidepressant properties. I think there was someone named Spike in there too, maybe after a Peanuts character? Memories....

So ClinkShrink, a devoted catatarian, never got new cats, kind of amazing. It turns out that she has bad allergies to cats, and was living a congested, droopy life, now all better without the cute little critters.

And now the good news, from today's hot-off-the-press New York Times: they've made Hypoallergenic Cats!! For a mere $4000, ClinkShrink can order a sneeze-free kitty! Let's hope she passes the interview. One brief suggestion, friend: When they come for the home visit, you might want to turn off Dexter.

Catatarian, by the way, is my own neologism related to cats and humanitarians.