Thursday, August 17, 2006

Transference To The Blog, Once Removed

Subtitled: My Family and Shrink Rap

Pre-Teeny Bopper Daughter
Looks over my shoulder, sees I'm checking E-Mail and says,
"At least you're not Blogging!"

Sitting at Ravens game, he attempts to explain each play to me (I know we root for the guys in purple, what else matters?) Thinking this must be work for him, I say "You don't have to explain every play to me."
Husband replies, "I want you to be well-rounded and I read the damn blog."

Teenage Son
"What's for dinner?"
As long as I cook, he doesn't care what I do.

Reportedly is pleased to have been featured. And he never complains.

And to my non-shrink Brother who actually Subscribes to the blog:
Hi, Boy-Boy!