Saturday, August 05, 2006

Life In Hell

Those of you who watch the Simpsons may be aware that cartoonist Matt Groening started out drawing a comic strip by the name of Life In Hell. Its characters were little blob-like mutant bunnies, although one of them bore a strange resemblance to the future Marge Simpson.

Anyway, as the relative heat index here in Charm City approaches 110 degrees I find myself thinking about life in hell. Or more specifically, about life in a 200 year old prison with no ventilation and no air conditioning. In one particular Life In Hell strip the character Akbar says to Jeff, “Give me one good reason I shouldn't kill myself.” Jeff disappears, leaving the suicidal Akbar alone staring at nothing for nine panels. Finally Jeff reappears in the last panel, hands Akbar an ice cream cone and Akbar says, “ flavor.” Suicidal crisis averted by ice cream. Gotta love it. I wish it were that easy.

Sometimes the small things do keep you going though, like the pharmacy nurse who donated her own fan to my clinic one morning just as I was about to recreate the final “I'm melting...melting...” scene in the Wizard of Oz. Or the administrative assistant who brought me a cup of my favorite Amaretto Royale coffee (in less Life-In-Hellish days) just as I was on the verge of rolling a cop for his Dunkin Donuts cup. I am constantly touched that the people who show the most humanity and concern are the people at the bottom of the political totem pole.


Speaking of Life In Hell, I saw this link show up in OmniBrain. In keeping with Dinah's tradition of up on other people's posts I thought I'd mention it. I also figured someone would see this and suggest it to me as an ideal ClinkShrink vacation, so I'm beating everybody to it.

An entreprenuer in northeast Moscow is looking for investors to turn a former prison camp into an “extreme reality” vacation destination. Vacationers can spend up to three days in prison and experience an almost-authentic gulag complete with watchtowers, guards armed with paintball guns, snarling dogs, rolls of barbed wire, spartan living conditions and forced labour.

What, no commissary?

Foo, I'm in if you're in.

I put up my own pic this time to spare Dinah the work.