Wednesday, July 19, 2006

What Max Wants

[posted by dinah and guest barker Max]

My husband keeps telling me that Max wants to be on the blog. Actually, he often tells me that Max thinks, feels, or wants many things. When I ask him how he knows, he responds with certainty, "You can tell."

From my perspective, it seems that Max wants a limited number of things:

  • Max wants meat, as evidenced by his position under the dinner table and by his eagerness to ingest meat, but no other food groups.
  • Max frequently wants to go outside, which becomes apparent when he stands at the door scratching the paint off, then eagerly races out when the door is held open for him.
  • Max, often only moments later, frequently wants to come inside, which he shows by performing the same behavior, only the paint gets scratched off the outside of the same door.
  • Max wants to bark hysterically at any passing dog, cat or rabbit. He is indifferent to squirrels.
  • Max wants his friend Tex to come over in the mornings, as is evidenced by the fact that he waits at attention for him then goes wild and greets him at the gate. Either he wants Tex to come over of he wants Tex's owner who feeds them both treats to come over, I can't tell who he is happier to see.
  • Max wants his butt scratched, as evidenced by the fact that he presents his hindquarters to everyone who enters our home (this can be embarrassing).
  • Max wants to go for a walk. Always, just touch his leash and even I can tell.

That's it for what I know that Max wants. He's never mentioned any interest in the blog to me. I'm hoping this will be some sort of dream come true for the dog, or if not, then perhaps for my husband.

Judging by the amount of chasing and bribing it took, I don't think Max wanted his picture taken today.