Saturday, July 29, 2006

[Roy] Random searches

One of the things that bloggers get a kick out of (I know I do) is to look at the search terms people used that led them to the blog. I use Google Analytics to review our logs, which is one of the best log analyzers I've ever used. Here are interesting search phrases that led to Shrink Rap.

good breast
As if you were praising a pet or something. Stay.

breastfeeding campaign bronco riding
Now there's an interesting visual.

NFL player who still drinks breast milk
If he gets it from the above chick, it would be a milkshake.
51,000 hits on this search and Shrink Rap is #1. Good blog.

gleason xyrem
Poor guy. He's getting screwed. Probably cataplectic by now.

"put down the duck"
Step away from the duck and put your hands in the air.
#1 search here, too; not surprised.

myspace vs reality
Is it really one or the other?

they might be giants
Not really, but now there will be some.