Monday, July 24, 2006

Blogger is driving me nuts... this from a psychiatrist

So I click on to Shrink Rap and I notice that my post, Off Label In Jail, is only half there. Mostly it's just the clipped and pasted paragraphs from the NY Times and it stops dead in the middle of the sentence. What happened? Did I inadvertantly delete most of it? Did Clink do something? Roy? So, not wanting half my thoughts up, I figured I'd save it as a draft and think about whether I wanted to redo it tomorrow. Only I did, and the half post remained up. So, I decided to delete the entire thing, only it's gone from the dashboard, but remains on the blog. I try again to delete it, but it doesn't exist to delete, but it's there! Okay, and by the time I've finished posting this, it will be gone and I'll have to wonder if it ever existed. Is it bad that I've passed these genes on to my offspring? In terms of diagnosis-- let's not go there.